Ingredients Edit

Image Name Recipe Description
Candlejuan Starter Its whole life depends on that little flame staying alive.
Bulbappy Starter It sings the most amazing tunes when it is happy. Alchemists have them as pets because of how easy it is to take care of them.
Slagua Starter Jelly creature that lives in the ocean, often found ashore because of how easily the water can move them.
Meltio Starter When the pattern on its body moves it makes it look like it is melting.
Palatymel Candlejuan + Bulbappy Its antlers are made of a metal. It has the ability to detect magnetic fields.
Rudelie Candlejuan + Meltio Its body is more heavy than it appears. It takes years before it has the strength to fly.
Adam Bulbappy + Slagua This aquatic creature uses its tube to get nutrients from the water surrounding it.
Puchipollo Slagua + Meltio A bird that is incapable of flying. Every step it takes makes a little sound.
Foochi Candlejuan + Rudelie To digest food, this creature raises its body temperature. After that, it releases a very potent gas that is flammable.
Tringram Bulbappy + Palatymel Its body is made of a whirlwind of water that covers a core that's like its brain.
Deado Bulbappy + Adam Statue that means an arranged engagement in combat between two individuals with matched weapons in accordance with agreed-upon rules.
Wairy Slagua + Puchipollo A fairy made of water. Its job is to protect big bodies of water.
Wormipe Meltio + Rudelie This kind of worm uses wood as a cocoon to metamorphosize. After it changes, the cocoon is used as a pipe.
Adtim Meltio + Adam If you befriend this curious orb-like creature, it floats around you trying to help in your adventures.
Triberto Palatymel + Adam It lives a really long time and alchemists believe that it has the answers to all the important questions. Sadly, it can't talk.
Mancho Rudelie + Adam This rock creature can lift things 10 times heaver than itself.
Jellyghost Rudelie + Puchipollo It gets its name because it moves like a jellyfish but outside water. In dark nights, most of its body is transparent.

Creations Edit

Image Name Recipie Description
Cantle Candlejuan + Tringram This fascinating creature eats by digesting whatever falls into the hole it has on its back. Alchemists use it as a candle holder to help it survive.
Spiko Candlejuan + Wairy The hardness of the skin depends on the color it shows on the exterior. The spikes are commonly the hardest parts it has.
Plasnose Candlejuan + Adtim It creates a sticky and transparent mucous membrane that protects it from harm while it rolls.
Barrotuga Bulbappy + Foochi Rumours say that the first Barrotuga was created by a powerful alchemist that gave life to a clay figure.
Papuvas Bulbappy + Adtim The reason is still unknown, but these berries develop faces. Emojis are based on them.
Mantrico Bulbappy + Mancho It doesn't have arms but it has a special limb that looks like a scarf. This limb is fully prehensile and capable of many things arms can't do.
Punkelion Slagua + Wairy It has a really special ability, it can morph its tail into whatever it wants.
Lloronis Slagua + Wormipe It appears at night around rivers. It floats over the water making strange crying noises.
Derptecle Slagua + Jellyghost Its tongue and eyes match in color. The color represents how it feels.
Stonage Meltio + Tringram This colored metal grows inside a very strong rock. The properties it has make it perfect for swords and similar weapons.
Caturai Meltio + Triberto A very agile cat that was trained as a samurai. It follows the rules of the Bushido.
Hexacube Meltio + Mancho Due to its transparent body, everything that it has inside is fully visible.
Shame-dude Palatymel + Foochi They never remove their masks because of how they look underneath.
Cactude Palatymel + Deado They mostly hand in desert areas. They love the sun and the sand.
Manshrimp Palatymel + Wormipe It sports powerful claws that are used to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning or dismemberment.
Maplena Palatymel + Jellyghost The camouflage of this insect is so good that is always passes unnoticed.
Quatrigon Rudelie + Wormipe A friendly dragon that is very small. The largest specimen found was 10 cm from head to tail.
Scarabird Rudelie + Triberto A beetle that has the pattern of a bird on its back to trick predators.
Screamster Adam + Foochi When cornered, it screams really loud. Its cry can get so high that it can break glass.
Octocula Adam + Deado This interesting creature can survive above and below water. It also has the ability to fly and swim.
Begua Adam + Wairy The outer part of its body is made of jelly-like substance. It can change its shape at will.
Lemoncello Adam + Adtim These big-eyed creatures look similar to limes. Some people collect them by mistake.
Tamborino Puchipollo + Tringram This drum belongs to the Orcs. They like to paint faces on the surface to feel like they are hitting someone... in the face.
Goleye Puchipollo + Triberto It has the ability to track time. It can be programmed to work as an alarm.
Wisowl Puchipollo + Mancho It is believed that its eyes turned from red all the reading it does. It is one of the smartest creatures in the world.
Scarlos Puchipollo + Jellyghost There's nothing that it enjoys more than pretending to be an inanimate object and then scaring people and other creatures.
Swordin Foochi + Tringram Another weapon with a face drawn on it. This one belongs to the Birds.
Canooki Foochi + Deado It changes its form to fool people and make them seem stupid.
Climberice Foochi + Wairy It lives in places where there is always snow. It's a small creature but it can jump really high.
Furtonio Foochi + Adtim It is a master of disguise. The suits they wear, commonly made of fur, vary in shape, size and color.
Gaspoon Tringram + Wairy It doesn't have legs so it just bounces around and flies with its little wings.
Funkankh Tringram + Triberto It changes colors based on how magic an object is.
Twisterino Tringram + Jellyghost You could say that this is some kind of magical pet. Alchemists create them to have as companions.
Dworm Deado + Wormipe As a rite of passage, these worms remove their eyes.
Screepier Deado + Adtim The patterns on the back of this spider are different, but they are always made of nightmares.
Owonubis Deado + Triberto It assumed different roles in various contexts. Commonly depicted as a protector of graves.
Espire Deado + Jellyghost The sphere is its real body. The other thing is a projection of its imagination.
Fractice Wairy + Adtim Other than the colors and the shape, these ice creatures always have different patterns.
Drillot Wairy + Mancho Out in the wild, you can only see its distinctive pink hair on the ground. The rest of its body is hidden below.
Seeds of Infinity Wormipe + Triberto These seeds have the ability to make perishable food last way longer.
Lergoon Wormipe + Mancho Its body is always changing, like a rubik's cube.
Zordas Adtim + Jellyghost These creatures like to hang in rivers or lakes. They are mostly harmless but like to shoot water at other creatures or alchemists.
Nefelina Triberto + Mancho It is a mythical creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion.