II: Growth
is the second book, there are 17 ingredients and 36 creations (53 in total). There are four starting ingredients unlike Origin, Mudbub, Glight, Fangroot and Dark Gloop.

If you haven't finished I: Origin then you can buy this book for 50 gems.



Ingredients Edit

Icon Name Recipe Description
Mudbub N/A A mud doll that resembles a human body. Supposedly it can be used to control people and harm them.
Glight N/A This little creature has the incredible ability to produce light.
Fangroot N/A This bindweed is commonly used as protection on top of walls because it is easy to maintain.
Dark Gloop N/A This creature only appears at night and, according to some legends, in some nights, it points where the treasures are buried.
Wild Skull Mudbub + Glight These creatures are hunted for their glorious man which is used in several beauty products.
Vessel Mudbub + Dark Gloop As the name suggests, these peculiar devices are used to hold souls and spirits.
Soline Glight + Fangroot A pendant from an old civilization that worshiped cats.
Cycleye Fangroot + Dark Gloop It commonly doesn't look like that, this is its fighting stance.
Wind Nut Mudbub + Cycleye Wind nuts turn into a plant with big leaves that blow air, like a fan.
Eatsprout Fangroot + Vessel This plant creature is carnivorous. It gets its food by posing like a bear trap and killing whatever walks into its mouth.
Clodblot Dark Gloop + Wild Skull These rock creatures are pretty famous for their music, they communicate with an intricate system of whistles. Some reasearches say they even have their own language.
Animala Dark Gloop + Soline This creature is famous for being a great pet. It has the cuteness of a puppy and the agility of a tarantula.
Spirito Lucha Wild Skull + Vessel These statues are found in fighting arenas. They are made from special minerals that enhance different things depending on their colors.
Ferral Tonic Wild Skull + Soline This tonic is used to make a creature go feral. Alchemists under its influence can get violent. Orange juice counters its effect.
Evolaria Wild Skull + Cycleye These fungi grow on trees where blood was spilled. When they are big enough, they pop and fertilize the ground around them.
Madney Vessel + Soline These curious creatures have the ability to suck the stress out of others. They don't live long.
Awamala Vessel + Cycleye These creatures were thought to have gone extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs, but an alchemist recently discovered several of them.

Creations Edit

Icon Name Recipe Description
Beastbone Mudbub + Animala These creatures like to wear the skulls of their prey as helmets. They are small but fearless.
Oakrishmas Mudbub + Evolaria These eye-like creatures are fragile. To survive they use the bark of the tree to build an armor of protection.
Sorchid Glight + Wind Nut The flower has the ability to rotate its petals. Some alchemist use it to hypnotize.
Rayfish Glight + Awamala When afraid, this creature releases a dark pigment into the as an escape mechanism.
Genguardian Fangroot + Clodblot This ghost-like creature likes to hang around temples to protect them from intruders.
Lost Thorn Fangroot + Spirito Lucha Researchers are unsure about the origin and the purpose, but this was a tool used in rituals.
Chaos Brew Dark Gloop + Ferral Tonic This potent brew causes confusion when ingested. Some use it as a recreational beverage.
Battus Dark Gloop + Madney They use echolocation to navigate because they are almost blind. They look dangerous but they mainly eat insects and fruits.
Flame Seeds Wild Skull + Eatsprout The name of these seeds come from the burn mark they leave when they die.
Draconis Wildskull + Madney This is a mythical monster like a giant reptile. They develop wings when they grow.
Jump Clomp Vessel + Animala This creature eats rocks and minerals, it also uses them to build a colorful shell where it lives.
Gattos Vessel + Ferral Tonic Hundreds of years ago, there was a civilization that worshipped cats. Gattos was a god to them.
Wintorch Soline + Clodblot This fire creature uses rocks as body armor. The fire represents its health.
Cattre Soline + Evolaria It is said that just a bite of Cattre's meat can satisfy hunger for days.
Koineko Soline + Awamala These fish are mainly ornamental. They are kept for decorative purpose for outdoor ponds or water gardens.
Monarca Cycleye + Eatsprout The shape and color of the wings change at the beginning of their migration and appear redder and more elongated than later migrants.
Lift-o-Califto Cycleye + Spirito Lucha The pericular form of its head makes it a great help when you want to move heavy objects.
Lil'Ly Lith Cycleye + Madney Night creatures similar to moths. Even though they are harmless, they just look scary.
Pot o' Grass Wind Nut + Clodblot This plant creature has something that resembles a mouth but it doesn't open. Just like other plants, it feeds from water and the sun.
Fan-G Wind Nut + Animala The Fan-G is a five-branched holder that is used to store important relics.
Venomula Wind Nut + Madney They create a potent acid capable of melting even the hardest object into nothing.
Videntis Wind Nut + Awamala The videntis was long considered a "living fossil" because it was believed to be the sole remaining member of a taxon.
Stone Crawler Eatsprout + Clodblot This creature spends most of its life attached to rocks. It gets its nutrients from these.
Blue Merrow Eatsprout + Ferral Tonic This creature brings health to the people surrounding it. It is able to detect sick people even before they realize they are sick.
Supa Scale Eatsprout + Awamala It's a figurine of a superhero from a cartoon popular amongst teenagers.
Tongue Voltis Clodblot + Spirito Lucha It's a tool, typically constructed as a flat airfoil. When thrown, is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of flight.
Shieldon Clodblot + Evolaria As they grow, their shields get better and stronger.
To-Tem Clodblot + Madney Monumental sculptures carved on poles, posts, or pillars with symbols or figures made from large trees by bird people.
Pyro Monk Animala + Spirito Lucha These monks can be found in fire temples. They teach fire abilities.
Cyloise Animala + Evolaria Cyloise are parasitic creatures that commonly target turtles. When they invade a host, a pattern appears on their shells.
Lapizaurus Animala +


Discovered not a long time ago, this creature lives in the depths of the ocean.
Gateeon Spirito Lucha + Ferral Tonic It behaves similar to a spider but instead of having fangs, it sprays a poisonous liquid.
Warling Spirito Lucha + Madney This figurine is made from a strange ingredient that gives valor to the holder.
Pinkeyes Ferral Tonic + Evolaria Often mistaken for berries. When disturbed, they attack in swarms.
Cellokos Ferral Tonic + Madney They get their nutrients by rubbing against food, using an osmosis-like process to digest.
Jellywelly Evolaria + Awamala Its body is so soft that it loses its eyes from time to time. Luckily it has the ability to regenerate them.