An alchemist is a character that mixes items to make creations and ingredients. You can buy them for 20 gems, the first alchemist you can get is Foxy.

Icon Name Image Quotes
Foxy icon
Foxy image
  • Chicken? I love chicken!!
  • I do say a lot of things, but nothing like "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!"
  • In my country, only the smartest can be alchemists.
Deane icon
Deane image
  • The alchemy we practice is a little different that what I'm learning here.
  • Yeah, I'm not eating meat right now.
  • Half of my country is below water, that's why we can breath underwater.
Javier icon
Javier image
  • Of course Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  • The entrance to my town is inside a tree in a hidden forest.
  • I come from a very small town that is far far away.
Felix icon
Felix image
  • I mostly eat algae, kelp and plankton.
  • I can't breathe air, that's why I have this water thingie in my head.
  • Alchemy has been my passion since I was little.
Speerit icon
Speerit image
  • I'm an ethereal being, so this is my first time wearing clothes.
  • I like music a lot, rock is my favorite.
  • People are afraid of getting close to me because it looks like I'm on fire.
Phillip icon
Phillip image
  • I can assure you that I don't eat paper or cans.
  • I'm focusing my studies on healing and helping.
  • I wanted to be a doctor, not an alchemist.
Purr purr icon
Purr Purr
Purr purr image
  • Purr purr purr purr!!
  • I like to collect things, that's my hobby.
  • I come from a different "land" to learn what I can about alchemy.
Cabriola icon
Cabriola image
  • We hope nobody notices that we are two magic cauldrons on top of each other.
  • We are not sure how are we alive, but we are grateful.
  • Cachink, clonk, caclonk... coff, coff... Hey, what's up?
Juan icon
Juan image
  • I don't wanna be a salamander when I grow up.
  • Regenerating limbs feels weird.
  • I come from a land called Xochimilco.
Sacha icon
Sacha image
  • Even with 4 arms, stirring takes a long time.
  • My favorite snacks are flies... I don't expect you to understand.
  • I sleep hanging upside down.
Flayme icon
Flayme image
  • Don't make me angry. I can cause a lot of damage.
  • My body is made of flames, but I doesn't burn what I don't want to burn.
  • I mostly eat firewood.
Chicho icon
Chicho image
  • I'm getting really tired of worms, they are not tasty at all.
  • I come from a small town called "Chilchota".
  • When nobody's looking, I drink a little bit of the mix that is in the cauldron.
Robberta icon
Robberta image
  • I have 42 siblings!
  • I am on a strict vegetarian diet, mostly carrots.
  • When I was accepted in Alchademy, I was so excited that I jumped right into the ceiling.
Skully icon
Skully image
  • I don't have meat in my bones!
  • I like puzzles!
  • I know Javier, we grew up together.
Beatrice icon
Beatrice image
  • Where I come from, people dress like babies.
  • I love honey, I put it in my cereal every morning.
  • My favorite class here is potions.
Lettuce icon
Lettuce image
  • I don't really like to run.
  • I prefer local hydroponic lettuce.
  • I'm studying as a hobby. I'm still not sure what I wanna do in life.
Dravid icon
Dravid image
  • The other day I burped a little fire ball. It was great!
  • My scales are itchy. That means my wings are almost here!
  • OMG Alchademy is the best!
Mortimer icon
Mortimer image
  • I'm more interested in the cultural side of alchemy.
  • The technology in my land is really advanced.
  • My face is like a screen that projects my expressions.
Priscila icon
Priscila image
  • I believe in aliens.
  • My eyes can see it all.
  • I wear the mark of the alchemist, I'm the chosen one!
  • Who else love cats? I do!
  • Cute cats, am I right?
  • Cats are the best!
  • I use my invisibility to hear what others are saying about me.
  • I don't really eat.
  • I really wish I could grow a beard.
Ramiro icon Ramiro
Ramiro image
  • People always assume I'm a trickster.
  • I like shiny things.
  • I have a special birthmark.
Dominic icon
Dominic image
  • I'm more interested in the medicinal part of the alchemy.
  • This is just a mask.
  • I wear the crest of my family with honor.
Pepe icon
Pepe image
  • We don't really need food as you do.
  • When someone approaches us we hide.
  • We are a really shy community.
Vinny icon
Vinny image
  • If I get reincarnated... I wanna become a clam.
  • Would be okay to drop my sister in the cauldron?
  • Don't cry, brew!
Pandora icon
Pandora image
  • I love to sing while mixing.
  • I love alchemy, very unpredictable, but satisfying.
  • I came all the way from China just to attend the famous Alchademy.
Noir icon
Noir image
  • Stir, stir the night away...
  • Mixing keeps me distracted.
  • Hope something nice comes out of this.
Candy icon
Candy image
  • I LOVE to eat candy!! Especially... Cotton candy!
  • I was born from a cotton ball that fell into pastel pink candy!
  • My hat is actually a fancy cotton candy cone!
Rubedo image
  • I can't wait to get my hooves on the philospher's stone
  • I have to pay attention. Would be troublesome to lose an arm or a leg.
  • But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.
  • I'm kind of an artist, you know?
  • I designed the heart-skull thing in my hat.
  • My parents didn't let me study art :(
  • I'm always happy :)
  • Green is my favorite color.
  • I express myself by hanging things on my antlers.
Paruro icon
Paruro image
  • Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach?
  • flutter, flutter, flutter
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
  • I'm half demon.
  • Ugh, I hate doing this. We need a machine to do that for us.
  • I prefer technology.
Abby icon
Abby image
  • Please don't poke my lantern...
  • My last name? It's Scylla.
  • It's so bright up here. How can you see?
  • I hope this turns into something delicious...
  • When in doubt, OINK!
  • Have you had any food today?
Allidile icon
Allidile image
  • I like visiting swamps to go swimming.
  • Rain is nice. It makes my scales so shiny!
  • Adding ingredients is like creating synergy!
Ogg icon Ogg the Undumb
Ogg image
  • One day you might be as undumb as Ogg.
  • Ogg think this mixture smells better than mom's cooking.
  • Ogg will be the first of my kind to graduate Alchademy!
Runnie icon
Runnie image
  • I like yo doodle melancholic stuff, cause life is sad.
  • Maybe this potion will finally make me happy.
  • Suffering is a wonderful thing... ehe

General Quotes Edit

  • I’m very ticklish so please don’t tickle me. I might loose control and stir even faster.
  • You could read a book while you wait.
  • I like robes! They’re comfy and easy to wear.
  • I bet you could watch an episode of that special show while this mixture is mixing.
  • Mmmmmmmm, smells nice.
  • How long has it been since you called that special someone?
  • I had a weird dream… A cat stole my cauldron.
  • na na nanana nana na naaaaa...
  • Is your homework finished?
  • I am filled with determination… to keep stirring.
  • I heard that KleptoCats game is pretty good.
  • Am I being graded on this?
  • Maybe there’s a game you haven’t played in a while. Go play for a bit and come back:D
  • This is taking quite a while but it has to be perfect.
  • Maybe this is a good time to clean your room.
  • Do the dishes while you wait. They’re not gonna do themselves.
  • I hope this mixture is successful.
  • So… if you get stuck you be sure to check out the Tips & Tricks section in the main menu.
  • Why not try going outside? Is it a nice day?